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45x90 Heavy Sigma Profile

45x90 Ağır Sigma Profil özellikleri.png

About 45x90 Heavy Sigma Profile

Sigma Profile material structure is 6063 series aluminum. It has an anodized coating.

45x90 Heavy Sigma Profile Usage Area

Among the profile types, there are many products of different sizes and features that have been produced with the support of technology. Among these, the most effective products following the light series with thin meat structure are the 45 × 90 heavy sigma profile . This profile type can also be used in the production of advertising stands, machine parts, windows and panels where the durability is desired to be increased. In addition to these, it is possible to realize similar uses in all areas that may be loaded.

The main advantages of 45x90 Heavy Sigma Profile;

- Ease of assembly and de-assembly,

- Minimum machining,

- Maximum productivity

- Almost unlimited design freedom thanks to product variety

- Installation of mechanical elements as desired thanks to the long-length channels,

- Corrosion resistance

- Lightness (Material 6063-Eloxal Coated)

As Ankara Sigma Profil, we offer professional services for your Sigma Profil needs.

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