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90x90 Heavy Sigma Profile

90x90 Ağır Sigma Profil özellikleri.png

About 90x90 Heavy Sigma Profile

Sigma Profile material structure is 6063 series aluminum. It has an anodized coating.

90x90 Heavy Sigma Profile Usage Area

For the 90 × 90 sigma profile, which has two different forms in light and heavy mass productions, it is possible to create various areas of use for these different structures. Especially in areas with large areas and expected to have long-term durability under high power, such profiles may be used. At the same time, this profile type is one of the most effective solutions when permanence is desired in small-scale projects in the building sector. These products are very advantageous with the bearing system that allows the motion elements to be attached.

The main advantages of 90x90 Heavy Sigma Profile ;

- Ease of assembly and de-assembly,

- Minimum machining,

- Maximum productivity

- Almost unlimited design freedom thanks to product variety

- Installation of mechanical elements as desired thanks to the long-length channels,

- Corrosion resistance

- Lightness (Material 6063-Eloxal Coated)

As Ankara Sigma Profil, we offer professional services for your Sigma Profil needs.

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